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Awards + Honors

1 / Winner, Stats + Stories Data Visualization Contest

To celebrate their 300th episode, the Stats + Stories podcast provided the community with a dataset containing the details of each of their episodes and challenged us to visualize it. I did, and I won! Listen to my conversation with the Stats + Stories team here and check out the viz here.

2 / Red Tails: America's First Black Military Pilots
Tableau Public Viz of the Day, 2/18/2022
Tableau Conference Viz Gallery, May 2023

Created for the Veterans Advocacy Tableau User Group Tuskegee Airmen Challenge. Dig into the data on Github and view my visualization here.

3 / Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index (CEI)
Tableau Public Viz of the Day, 8/5/2022

View the interactive visualization on Tableau Public here

3 / The Gender Pay Gap in Data Visualization
Tableau Public Viz of the Day, 3/28/2024

Each year, the Data Visualization Society surveys data visualization professionals and compiles the survey findings in their State of the Industry report. I created this dataviz with data from the 2023 survey, available here. View the interactive viz here.

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