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Nicole Designs Data LLC Privacy Policy

Nicole Designs Data LLC is a design studio and consultancy. This privacy policy is required for us to be in compliance with our payment processor, Stripe. 

Your privacy is important to us.

As data practitioners, we are keenly aware of the importance of protecting your personal data and being fully transparent about any data sharing arrangements we have with other entities. 

Data collection

We only collect information that you type into our Contact form. If you engage us for a project, you’ll receive an invoice from Stripe to collect your payment information. Stripe has an excellent reputation for protecting their customers’ data and is one of the most-used payment processors in the United States. Their privacy policy is available here.

Use of Information

We use this information to contact you, to provide services to you, and to let you know about additional services we offer that you might like.

Data Sharing and Disclosures

We share only the minimum necessary information required to do business with our vendors and business partners. The only circumstance in which we would share your data without your permission is to comply with a law enforcement request.

Your rights

Access and control

You may access, modify, or delete your personal information at any time by sending us a request or submitting the Contact Form.

Opting out

You may opt out of providing us your data at any time, and if you’d like us to destroy the data we currently possess, please contact us.

Policy updates

We will inform you in writing of any changes to our privacy policy at least 7 days prior to the change. We will send this notice to the email address you provided to us. 

Questions or concerns?
If you have any concerns about the security of your data, please contact us.
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